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What is a Childbirth Education Class?

Our childbirth education class is a forum where you & your partner can learn about what to expect for the end of your pregnancy, labor, non pharmacologic and pharmacologic methods of labor pain relief, types of delivery, post-partum recovery and newborn care.

How is class taught?

Our class is taught in a live group setting to encourage community and questions.  Mediums such as handouts, books, PowerPoint presentations with graphics, and model demonstration will be used to enhance learning.

What is the ideal time to take a childbirth class, and can I take the class outside of the recommended time frame and still benefit from it?

The recommended time to take this class is between 28-34wks of pregnancy when you are in the third trimester and still have plenty of time before delivery to further research and question anything that you've learned and/or apply it to your birth plan.  You can absolutely take this course outside of the recommended timeframe and will still benefit from a comprehensive knowledge base regarding your options.

Does insurance offer reimbursement for childbirth classes?

Some insurance plans do offer reimbursement for education courses as a part of the plans benefits.  We are happy to provide you with an receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement upon request.  

What should I bring with me to class?

Bring a pen & notebook for note taking, any questions you may have, a lunch and yourself!

Is a Birthing Center tour included with my class?

A physical tour of the Clough Birthing Center, Post-Partum and Nursery units at Emerson Hospital is not possible at this time; however, an in depth video tour will be shown during the class.

Is this class specific to patients of Concord OB/GYN and/or patients delivering at Emerson Hospital?

No.  This class will go over non specific information that can be applied to any pregnant person and their partner, though the equipment and pain management methods ARE specific to what is offered at Emerson Hospital and may or may not be available at other facilities.  Likewise, there may be other available options that are not covered in the course that may be available at another facility, but not at Emerson Hospital.


Still have questions? 

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