Prenatal Resources

Prenatal Patient Resources

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We take a comprehensive approach to every pregnancy which means we are available at every stage from pre-conception counseling and early detection of pregnancy through the post-partum period. We offer high risk pregnancy consultation, management and delivery.

Our Birthing Center

Our patients utilize the new private, comfortable and secure Labor & Delivery Suites at Emerson Hospital’s Clough Birthing Center. Take a virtual tour of the center >

Here’s a guide of what to expect throughout your visits over the next 40 weeks!

  • We encourage you to schedule your prenatal visits with multiple providers throughout your prenatal care.  This ensures that all of the providers are familiar with you and your individual medical record as our physicians and midwives rotate on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • For every visit, please be prepared to leave a urine sample.
  • Please note that every patient and pregnancy is unique and special. Therefore, some items may vary per appointment.

First Trimester: Conception to 12 weeks

  • For your first visit, we like to see you when you are around 7.5 weeks pregnant. We will perform an ultrasound for dating purposes and by the end of the first trimester a fetal heartbeat will be present to hear.  You will see a provider immediately following your ultrasound and have bloodwork at this time.
  • We will then schedule you at approximately 8-10 weeks of pregnancy for a visit with a registered nurse.  This is most commonly done via a 45 minute telehealth appointment but is sometimes scheduled in the office as well.  She will obtain a detailed medical history, review early pregnancy education, and what to expect with in the first couple months of your pregnancy. 
  • Your next appointment will be scheduled at approximately 12 weeks of pregnancy. You will meet with one of our providers who will perform a gynecological exam.  You will also be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time at this visit.
  • You can expect to have monthly prenatal checkups throughout your first trimester.

Second Trimester: 12 weeks to 28 weeks

  • Your prenatal visits will continue once per month (unless otherwise specified) at your best convenience.
  • Around 19 weeks, you will be scheduled for an ultrasound to evaluate the fetal anatomy and if you would like to know, the baby’s gender may also be able to be determined at this time.
  • Around 28 weeks of pregnancy we will test you for gestational diabetes with a glucose challenge test. 

Third Trimester: 28 weeks to 40 weeks

  • Your prenatal checkups become more frequent as you come closer to delivery. After your 28 week appointment you will return again at 30 weeks, 32, 34, 36 and then weekly until your delivery.
  • Between 36-37 weeks we will test you for GBS (Group B Strep)
  • At this time we would ask you to choose a pediatrician for your new bundle of joy.
  • We may also begin to evaluate your cervix (by internal examination) for effacement (thinning) and dilation (opening).
  • Around this time we recommend taking a one of our Childbirth Education classes & touring the labor & delivery suites at the hospital to familiarize yourself with where your delivery will be taking place. The hospital offers tours on a regular basis. Please call 978-287-3268 for more information and to register for a tour.


  • A provider will call contact you at 2 weeks to check in on you!
  • For an uncomplicated vaginal delivery the delivering provider will see you 6 weeks after your delivery. Cesarean deliveries will be followed by a 2 week incision check with a registered nurse and then again at 6 weeks with the delivering provider.  Please contact us at 978-369-7627 to schedule your visits.
  • We will discuss your plan for birth control methods.
  • Feel free to bring your newest addition along with you and a picture for us to post on our Concord OB/GYN Baby Wall of Fame!  We are proud of every baby that we help to deliver!  If you choose to share your baby photos with us for posting on our Baby Board, please be sure to include a signed Baby Photo Authorization Form.
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